How Do You Start Your Day?

Adrian Webb
How do you start each day?

Do you spend more time first thing in the morning, like most people, and like I used to do, deciding what to wear, or thinking about unimportant stuff, or trivial matters, than planning on having a great day?

I used to be like this, with the result I just stumbled into my day, and took whatever came my way, without having any real control over how my day went, that’s certainly how it felt.

Then I read a book, that cost me less than £10 on Amazon, and I woke up!

“Paving it Forward” by Elisabeth Fayt, and I recommend it to you.

I read this book in a couple of days, and my morning routine changed immediately.

Now I spend 10 minutes every morning intentionally creating how I want my day to go with a series of positive statements.

These intentions then become expectations, and these in turn become my reality.  Little miracles start to happen.  As a result, I am now finding my life is so much more productive, happier, and fulfilled.

I really feel that I am now in control.

Here are some examples of the kind of deliberate statements of intention (called pre-paves)
I make each morning:

Good things are always happening to me

I achieve all the success my hard work deserves

Everything that’s happening is happening for my highest good

I turn every situation into something good

I achieve peak productivity by working smart, acting immediately on divine inspiration,
and focussing on high priority income producing tasks

Today I focus on serving others

I always look for, and find, the good in every situation

I always look for, and find, the good in every other person

I connect with everyone on a deep and sincere level

Today I will make someone’s day

Today I keep my vibration high and uplift others around me

I approach all other people today with understanding and compassion

I am 100% responsible for everything I experience in my life

I react to every situation today with calmness

I am a calm and peaceful person

Today it is easy for me to be patient with all people and all circumstances

Each day I am becoming better and better

Each day, I am becoming, more and more, the person I really want to be

I don’t have to work hard for my money

Money comes easily and frequently to me

Money is a natural manifestation of the universe

There is an abundance of money around

It’s good to be rich

The richer I am, and the more money I have, the more people I can help

I am destined for great success and wealth

I handle money and wealth well

I deserve to be wealthy and successful

I have a high threshold of deservingness

Do you see how these are all very positive and empowering statements about how I want my day to go, and how I want my life to go?

I am slowly but surely reprogramming my subconscious mind, and my intention is to replace my limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs.

Why not consider doing something similar each morning to start your day?

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Until next time, live with passion and purpose!

Adrian Webb


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