Detach Yourself from the End Result for Faster Manifestation – Just Allow it to Come to You

Adrian Webb
Law of Attraction coaches strongly suggest we let go, and trust in the Divine, or Source Energy, or the Universal Creative Mind, or God, to help us manifest what we desire.  In other words, we need to place our trust in that incredible intelligence that created, and sustains, our universe.

Letting go means we should detach ourselves from the end result and “allow” what we desire to come to us.

There is a fine line between desiring what we want and then being detached from it manifesting in our life.

Being detached from something doesn’t mean you don’t care or that you don’t want it.  You still want it, and you may still  desire it with all your heart.

It just means that you don’t need to have it in order to be happy.  When you come from a place of needing something, you are coming from a place of lack, and of desperation.  You are telling the universe that you are missing out on something and you can’t be happy until that something is fulfilled.

The vibration you are sending out is one of lack, and that is precisely what you will receive back from from the universe… more lack.  You always attract what you are resonating with, at an energetic level.  Your emotions determine your energetic vibration, and this is what you send out into the universe, and the Law of Attraction ensures that you magnetically attract those people, things, opportunities, events, resources, and circumstances, that resonate with the energy you are sending out.

It is impossible to attract what you are not in harmony with.  If you are vibrating in a very negative way, you cannot attract good positive things into your life… and vice versa.  The Law of Attraction operates according to specific scientific principles, every single time.  It’s like the Law of Gravity.

When you feel OK with your present circumstances, and feel grateful for what you already have, and you are not stressing over getting what you desire, while still looking forward to receiving it at the most appropriate time and in the most appropriate manner, then you are not resisting what you want, and you are setting yourself up to attract it into your life.

When you are stressing and getting desperate, and constantly asking, “Where is it?” or “When am I going to get what I want?” or “Why haven’t I received it yet?”, then you are creating resistance, which is a concentration of negative energy in your body, and this results in negative attraction.  Negative attraction is a negative energetic force field which repels what you want, so it is impossible to attract what you desire, and this is the very opposite of what you want!

Ask yourself this question, “Do I need this to happen, or do I prefer that this happens?”

When you come from a place of preferring something, you are then detached.  You would absolutely love it to happen, but you won’t get upset if it doesn’t, because your happiness and
fulfillment doesn’t depend on it.  Another way of putting it… you would like something to happen, but if it doesn’t happen, well that’s O.K. because you’re happy already with what you have in this moment.

Many years ago, when I desired to have my ideal partner, I was very clear that she would come into my life at the right time, and in an appropriate manner.

I had no idea when or how this would happen.  I didn’t feel that I needed a woman to make me happy.  I was already happy and fulfilled.  I remember thinking, “I don’t need a woman”, but
I prefer to have a woman.”  I was emotionally detached from the outcome.  I created the space
for the universe to bring my ideal partner into my life in a very magical way.

I wasn’t desperate.  I got out of my own way, and allowed the right woman to be attracted to me when the time was right for both of us.  If this didn’t happen, well, that was O.K.  I was happy already.

My only specific desire was to be married before my 40th birthday, but if that didn’t happen, that was OK, too.  I certainly wasn’t worrying about that event not happening!

When I least expected it, when I was not even trying to date anyone, I was introduced to my ideal partner by a mutual friend, and it was love at first site.   She was my perfect partner.
We married shortly afterwards, four weeks before my 40th birthday!

Detachment means allowing the universe to work its magic in its own way.

Your task is to enjoy your life in this moment, and in every moment, and allow the universe to manifest what is yours by divine right, without being obsessed about the outcome.

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Adrian Webb


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  • tony ziniti jr

    hi mr webb your web site is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! your blog on detach yourself from the end result for faster manifestation is great!!!!!!!!! i saw the movie the secret and it led me to jerry and ester hicks books on abraham and i must say this information really completes what i have been missing on things that i want to happen in my life it just blows my mind!!!!!!!! thank you so much it really has help me see the light thank you again and happy new year to you!!!!